Thinking in 3-D #IMMOOC

This short video blew my mind.  Someone in Russia “printed” a house.  While the accomplishment itself is significant, what really impresses me is the imagination it took to conceptualize this project.  I have to ask myself, what are we doing as educators to prepare our students for a future  driven by creativity and innovation?  A quote from Part I of the Innovator’s Mindset caught my eye.

“Innovation is not about the stuff, it is a way of thinking.”  

Self-driving cars and printable houses were radical thoughts before they were reality.  Recently, we have done a better job of allowing students to explore, discover, make and create.  However, we seem to provide these opportunities in isolation as opposed to incorporating in everyday instruction.  Traditional classroom content paired with opportunities to think, dream and build can create dynamic experiences for our students. Inventive experiences, and mindsets, are essential in a world where groundbreaking technology is produced with regularity.


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