Fryday Fish


There are 40 days during the Lenten season. Six of these days fall on a Friday in 2018. This means my family and I will be in search of a fish fry for six consecutive weeks. We carefully observe Lenten tradition with solemn religious piety; meaning we eat as many catfish fillets, hush puppies, and french fries (an unholy trinity) as the elastic parameters of social acceptance will allow.

I truly love the unique experience of each fish fry. Each event has volunteers with affable personalities. Last week we were greeted by a man whose weathered face and well-worn flat cap signified his entrance into dotage, while his mischievous smile and quick wit revealed his real age. “I see you brought the supervisor with you”, he crowed while pointing to my daughter.

You are certain to meet new people while dining. We shoehorn ourselves into tight quarters where I’m forced to exchange pleasantries with complete strangers to satisfy my insatiable desire for tartar sauce. Last week an elderly couple settled across from us. The wife helped her husband into his seat and told him, “I’ll be right back with your beer.”

“She’s a keeper”, I told him with a smile.

“She’s alright. I think I’ll keep her around.” He then told me he hired her as a secretary over 50 years ago. “Best damn hire I ever made.” She aptly arrived with a fresh Stag. “Thanks, honey. You know I only drink one beer a week. One beer each Friday. But I drank yesterday so I guess there are two Fridays this week.” I got the impression his week is full of Fridays. Good for him.

Each place is known for something unique. Fish is the main draw, but you can’t discount the importance of side dishes. Kelso added Mac n’ Cheese this year but moved from potato wedges to crinkle cut fries. The fish at the Cape 1111 KC Hall was terrific. They also had good slaw.

I’m looking forward to continuing our Lenten adventures tomorrow night. Only two Fridays left in Lent this year- unless you have a week full of them like my new friend.

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