Olivia Kate


My youngest daughter entered this world ten years ago today; making her presence known with a set of lungs that belied her tiny body. The first of many contradictions that define our Olivia.

While diminutive in stature, her personality was and is grandiose. She would ham it up as a baby (see below) and continues to possess an incredible sense of humor as a ten-year-old.


She doesn’t embrace the accepted norms for young ladies. She eschews bows and dresses for gym shorts and athletic gear. She likes to fish, play football and basketball, and goes to martial arts. She harbors a passionate hatred for the color pink and possesses an intense love for Harry Potter.

Olivia is fierce and feisty but also sensitive. Easy to anger but quick to cry. She likes to put Dad in an armbar but will still snuggle up to him on the couch. She loves animals and cares about people. You can place her in any group, and she will get along with everyone- unless her sister is in the group.

I love Olivia for many reasons, but I’m most impressed with how comfortable she is being herself. I hope she always feels free to be the unique and free-spirited girl God created. We wouldn’t want her any other way.





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